Justin and Alicia going to New York Comic Con in 2019!

Hi! We’re Justin & Alicia.

We’re just a couple of nerds in love who decided to start a podcast together.

For every X-Men fan who’s wanted to get their partner into the conversation and every friend or family member who just doesn’t want to read the comics, welcome to The X-Wife podcast.

Alicia has never read an X-Men comic and plans to keep it that way…for now.

Join us as we dive in breakdown, and question Johnathan Hickman’s new vision of Marvel’s merry mutants on Krakoa. House of X, Powers of X and the Dawn of X, all kick off a story that’s billed as a perfect jumping on point for new readers, but with more than 50 years of continuity that overwrites and contradicts itself, can there ever be a seamless start?

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