Krakoan Era Reading Order

Shared universes spanning multiple, interlocking titles create rich and engaging storytelling, yes, but they are a nightmare to try and navigate! We’re here to help.

Below you will find the main sections of the Krakoan Era linking to sub-pages that delve into the issues that make up those sections. This reading order contains the issues as they were released (with some exceptions), giving you the opportunity to read how people experienced as they went to the comic shops each week.

We hope you survive the experience…

House of X and Powers of X Reading Order

The twelve issue series that started both the Krakoan Era and our podcast! And what an explosive start it was. These two required reading titles tell one story. These issues are dense with new information and gorgeous artwork.

House of X tells the story of our mutants in the current day and age. Powers of X (read as Powers of Ten) jumps between four distinct time points, one of them being House of X… Confused yet? Don’t be! We have episodes of the podcast for each issue.

Dawn of X Reading Order

After HoX / PoX comes the dawn of a new age of X-Men comics. Initially launching as six titles, the Dawn of X gradually grew by adding four more ongoing titles and three limited series. It’s like a flashback to the 90’s with title overload! But this time the writers are actually coordinating with each other…

Initial launch titles (Wave 1) include X-Men, Marauders, Excalibur, New Mutants, X-Force and Fallen Angels. We have an episode for each number 1 of these six titles as well as an episode looking at the first six issue arcs of these six titles.

X of Swords Reading Order

The Krakoan Era’s first event! This 22 chapter saga touches every aspect of Krakoan life, bringing each title into its Otherworld madness. Three one-shots give X of Swords (read as Ten of Swords, like the tarot card) an overarching form as each chapter fills in between, building to an epic conclusion and world changing ramifications.

Reign of X Reading Order

The Reign of X! The fallout of X of Swords has introduced new questions and potential challenges to the island nation of Krakoa. Now a Quiet Council of ten sit around the table – interchangeably read as Reign of X or Reign of Ten. Our last ongoing title of the First Krakoan Age is added with S.W.O.R.D., as well as limited series with Children of the Atom, Way of X and X-Corp.

Hellfire Gala Reading Order

An in world event! A new twist on the classic form of event storytelling. Not every issue is critical to the narrative, but rather each issue illuminates a different section of Krakoa’s biggest party and the characters.

Trials of X Reading Order

For all we knew at the time, this was still Reign of X! Now it has been rebranded in trade paperback as Trials of X, a fitting name for what’s in store for our mutants. Accusations, investigations, deceptions and an actual trial. We kick off a new volume of X-Men with a new creative team and direction, while also launching limited series X-Men: Trial of Magneto and Inferno

This section ends with the departure of Jonathan Hickman, architect of the initial launch and former Head of X. His oversized mini series Inferno is absolutely required reading for what’s to come.

X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine Reading Order

Not quite Trials of X and not yet Destiny of X, gear up for a Wolverine time adventure! Most other titles are paused or have ended their run during the release of this event. A few exceptions inter-splice between releases of these two series, including the relaunched X-Men title, a Marauders Annual that sets up the next volume, a Secret X-Men one-shot, and a Devil’s Reign tie in series.

X Lives of Wolverine (read as Ten Lives) spans the continuity of Logan’s past. X Deaths of Wolverine picks up where Inferno left off, introducing a new technological threat.

Destiny of X Reading Order

Kicking off what is referred to as the Second Krakoan Age! A number of new series, some restarted volumes of previous titles and a few continue on. The storytelling feels refreshed as brand new threats are introduced and built off of. Immortal X-Men starts us off focusing on the Quiet Council and their inner workings. X-Men Red picks up where S.W.O.R.D. ended but with a renewed focus on the Arakkii people. Way of X spins off to become Legion of X and Excalibur becomes Knights of X. Marauders restarts with a new volume and limited series. Sabretooth kicks off the first of three stories.

It’s all interrupted by a massive Marvel crossover event with entirely too many tie-ins, but it almost wrapped up and we have the delight that is X-Terminators narratively on the other side. This section gets a little wonky and will be updated.

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