Welcome to the X-Men!

We hope you survive the experience…

The X-Men have been a part of comics culture for nearly 60 years. Countless stories, teams, and changes, how do you even begin to keep it straight?

That’s where we come in! Alicia has never read a comic before. Justin has read more than enough for the two of them. Together, they journey through X continuity, trying to make sense of it all, providing X-Men fans of all experience levels a variety of ways into the best comic stories ever created.

Now for a choose your own adventure:

You can start at the beginning, get to know us in our podcast introduction episode, take a look over the Season 1: Episode Playlist to dive into 2019’s House of X and Powers of X relaunch, join us for some X Ed as we explore the highlights of mutant history in the Season 2: Episode Playlist, or check out our recent episodes to see what we’re talking about now!

New episodes on Fridays! Sometimes other days too!

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