House of X and Powers of X

Reading Order

The twelve issue series that started both the Krakoan Era and our podcast! And what an explosive start it was. These two required reading titles tell one story. These issues are dense with new information and gorgeous artwork.

House of X tells the story of our mutants in the current day and age. Powers of X (read as Powers of Ten) jumps between four distinct time points, one of them being House of X…

Confused yet? Don’t be!

We have episodes of the podcast for each issue, linked in the titles.

  1. House of X #1
  2. Powers of X #1
  3. House of X #2
  4. Powers of X #2
  5. Powers of X #3
  6. House of X #3
  7. House of X #4
  8. Powers of X #4
  9. House of X #5
  10. Powers of X #5
  11. House of X #6
  12. Powers of X #6

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