X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine

Reading Order

Not quite Trials of X and not yet Destiny of X, gear up for a Wolverine time adventure! Most other titles are paused or have ended their run during the release of this event. A few exceptions inter-splice between releases of these two series, including the relaunched X-Men title, a Marauders Annual that sets up the next volume, a Secret X-Men one-shot, and a Devil’s Reign tie in series.

X Lives of Wolverine (read as Ten Lives) spans the continuity of Logan’s past. X Deaths of Wolverine picks up where Inferno left off, introducing a new technological threat.

  1. X Lives of Wolverine #1
  2. Devil’s Reign: X-Men #1
  3. Marauders Annual #1
  4. X Deaths of Wolverine #1
  5. X-Men #7
  6. X Lives of Wolverine #2
  7. New Mutants #24
  8. Secret X-Men #1
  9. X Deaths of Wolverine #2
  10. X-Men #8
  11. X Lives of Wolverine #3
  12. X Deaths of Wolverine #3
  13. Devil’s Reign: X-Men #2
  14. X-Men #9
  15. X Lives of Wolverine #4
  16. X Deaths of Wolverine #4
  17. X Lives of Wolverine #5
  18. Devil’s Reign: X-Men #3
  19. X Deaths of Wolverine #5

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