Season 1: Episode Playlist

House of X / Powers of X

Season 1 of The X-Wife Podcast follows the 12 issue X-Men relaunch story written by Johnathan Hickman. Each episode goes through one issue of the overarching story, published in release order. Follow along in single issues, trades or electronic comics!

Each episode page will have a link to the next episode at the bottom of the page or you can always come back to the Season 1 Playlist.

Episode 1 – House of X #1 – The World Changed

In the explosive first issue of House of X, everything is different! Xavier is walking. Magneto has an X-Men symbol on his belt. Flowers everywhere! What’s with the helmet?

Episode 2 – Powers of X #2 – What Year Is It!?

Get your math out of my comics, we’re taking this story to the next power!

Episode 3 – House of X #2 – There’s Something About Moira

Oh, the life and times of Moira MacTaggert. What? You don’t know who Moira is?

Episode 4 – Powers of X #2 – One Step Forward in Four Directions

We’re picking back up on our four narratives throughout space and time, answering some questions and finding a whole new batch of new ones.

Episode 5 – Powers of X #3 – This Is What You Do Team!

The team is ready for their mission in Powers of X 3! Armed with the indexing machine retrieved and decoded in issues 1 and 2, the mutants of Asteroid K take their next step.

Episode 6 – House of X #3 – Mutants in Spaaaace

Cyclops has assembled a team, ready for the mission that lies ahead of them. The X-Men prepare to take Orchis head-on in House of X #3!

Episode 7 – House of X #4 – By Any Means Necessary

After that intense cliffhanger of an ending in the last issue, we learn the fate of our mutant team in space as Xavier establishes communication. This is a big one folks! Everyone’s fighting for everything – especially Alicia for her page turn noise 🙂

Episode 8 – Powers of X #4 – That. Cape.

There’s truly something Sinister throughout this week’s episode. That cape steals the show along with Xavier’s heavy John Hammond vibes. We’ve got no more year 100 story, and we can really start to seer-selves understanding year 1000 – a wordy and somewhat difficult to understand reference. Topical!

Episode 9 – House of X #5 – The Special Sauce

It’s father-daughter storytime as Magneto and Polaris walk us through Krakoa’s biggest secret yet in House of X 5. By the glory and grace of The Five! What could these five mutants be up to?

Episode 10 – Powers of X #5 – Filling The Gaps

It’s all about the details in Powers of X #5 as we learn a little more about a whole lot.

Episode 11 – House of X #6 – The Quiet Council

The last issue of House of X!? Don’t tell Alicia, but it’s true friends, we are nearing the end of our HoX/PoX journey. But, before we go, let’s get a tour of Moira’s No-Space! We get to dive in on all the details of Xavier’s message to the people of Earth and The Quiet Council meets for the first time! This nation needs laws and these are the mutants in charge, the architects of Krakoa. A quieter issue as more pieces are moved into place.

Episode 12 – Powers of X #6 – The End of the Beginning

The last issue of Powers of X!? Our complex trip throughout time is coming to a close. We revisit a handful of pages we’ve seen before, but with new context and information. Do we get the Year 1000 closure we’ve been waiting 999 years for? Alicia wanted to have all her ducks lined up before the event closed out and this issue just threw a whole bunch of new ducks into the mix!

Season 1 Finale – Ugly X-Mas

We took what was our Live Episode plan and merged it with our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Throw in an improv show, special guests, trivia and prizes and you’ve got yourself the best end to a season we could ever ask for.

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