Season 1 – House of X / Powers of X

Introducing The X-Wife Podcast!

Just a couple of nerds in love making a podcast about X-Men. It’s our intro episode! We talk about ourselves, the podcast and of course X-Men. Join us as we introduce one man’s elaborate scheme to get his wife into X-Men comics!

House of X / Powers of X

The 12 issue series that launched the current slate of the X-Men universe, bringing together and evolving the entire X-Men continuity. We cover an issue per episode as Alicia experiences, in real time, the comic that brought Justin back to going to a LCS every week.

Ugly X-Mas

A three part finale to our first season! First, we join the Xavier Institute’s Annual Holiday Party, adapted for the times of 2020. With special improv guests from Providence Improv Guild. Followed by a big picture look at Season 1 and special guests Generations of X!

Season 2 – X Ed Past and Present

Welcome to Season 2!

What started as a simple 6 story highlight, gradually evolved into an unknown madness of interconnected nonsense!

X-Men Seminal Moments

Since 1963’s X-Men #1, there have been 5 issues of X-Men comics that have completely changed the status quo of mutantkind.
(1963, 1975, 1991, 1995, 2001, 2019)

Retcon Wranglers

There’s a whole lot of stray stories wandering along continuity. We aim to identify and make sense of how they inform the bigger picture in our Retcon Wranglers series.
(1963 – Present)

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