Season 1 Finale – Ugly X-Mas

For The X-Wife Podcast’s Season 1 Finale we had always been planning to dive into the full HoX/PoX event. When COVID caused us to cancel our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party, we decided to mash them all together, throw in some improv, prizes, trivia and special guests. Plus we did it all LIVE!

Here’s the original, unedited video of Ugly X-Mas 2020

The whole shabang!

Part 1

Our hosts are joined by some friends from Providence Improv Guild for a holiday party, X-Men style! Professor X and Wolverine host the X-Men’s annual gathering on Zoom this year. But, it seems Charles has changed the rules and is playing his own game.

Classic Charles.

Part 2

It’s like a regular episode, except Alicia is in charge! She has read all twelve issues folks and oh boy does she have questions.

We did it!! She read an X-Men comic. We can stop making the podcast.

Justin has succeeded.

Alicia and Justin go through HoX/PoX as a whole event. Alicia leads the conversation and she has QUESTIONS!

Part 3

We are joined by our friends from Generations of X! Dayspring and Flinkman jump in to help us talk through our remaining HoX/PoX questions and hang out as we talk Chimeras, trivia and more!

Alicia and Justin are joined by Dayspring and Flinkman from Generations of X!

That’s a wrap for Season 1 folks! Check out our Season 2 Playlist for more mutant mayhem!

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