The Hellfire Gala – Part 1

We’re jumping into real-time dahlings! Alicia had wanted to read the Hellfire Gala as it was coming out and has been BINGEING comics for the last week to make some sense of it all. We talk about the first three issues of the new Hellfire Gala story arc. Y’all, Alicia’s reading comics that came out this week!! She wanted to do it!!!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Marauders #21 (2019)

First up is our big picture outline kicking off the event. It’s all about arrival and overview as Marauders gives us a sense of several things to come and lays out the night. Tons of mystery and unanswered questions that will likely play out as we continue. What is Emma’s big reveal!?

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Force #20 (2019)

X-Force is on security detail as we pick up on a connection point in Marauders and dive further behind the scenes. There appear to be some cracks in the firmament of our CIA. Alicia has some choice words for Beast’s god complex, but Justin is here to watch the downfall!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Hellions #12 (2020)

Let’s end the night with a bang, shall we? The Hellions are none too pleased to have been snubbed on the invite list – Alicia can’t believe not all mutants were invited! Well, I think we see why some of the team’s invitations got lost in the mail. And something Sinister is coming together in the background.

Next week is Excalibur #21, X-Men #21 and Children of the Atom #4!

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