Destiny of X: New Comics for May 4th

Marauders #2, Giant Size X-Men: Thunderbird#1 and X-Men Unlimited Holy genetics friends, things are getting spliced and diced! The Marauders are squaring off with the Shi’ar’s new muscle as we shake out even more ancient secrets – it’s not looking too good for the first blood spilled. Get ready for the raging return of Thunderbird!!Continue reading “Destiny of X: New Comics for May 4th”

Destiny of X: New Comics for April 27

Knights of X #1, Sabretooth #3 and X-Men Unlimited Deep in the pit and off to faraway lands! This weeks comics take you there. Knights of X kicks of with a bang – or an abracadabra. We’re going on a quest ya’ll and not everyone’s invited, sorry, not sorry. Things are getting real complicated inContinue reading “Destiny of X: New Comics for April 27”

Reign of X: Interview with Joshua Cassara

Before the last X Lives of Wolverine comes out, we caught up with series artist Joshua Cassara, Breaker of Storms! We dive into his X-Force run, and travel around the time stream of his career. There’s a pit stop at Justin’s favorite Krakoan hangout spot and a whole bunch of Wolverines. We had a blastContinue reading “Reign of X: Interview with Joshua Cassara”

Reign of X: New Comics for Jan. 19th

Devil’s Reign: X-Men #1, Death of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight #1, and X-Men Unlimited Two times the tie-ins! We’ve got no regular X books this week and a double helping of events. The Kingpin – er I mean Mayor Kingpin is causing trouble for all of New York’s supers and now he’s coming for ourContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Jan. 19th”

Reign of X: X Lives of Wolverine #1

Grab your Cerebro helmets, we’re going time traveling! A mystery of a story starts to unfold, kicking off with threads from Wolverine and X-Force and starring everyone’s favorite canucklehead as he gets to the bottom of things. But it’s not just a Wolverine event, he’s got a team behind him and a bigger story brewingContinue reading “Reign of X: X Lives of Wolverine #1”

Road to Inferno – Madelyne Pryor

There’s been something building in the background. It started with the Hellfire Club’s manipulations of our dear friend Jean Grey. It twisted further when her retcon revealed itself. It was built even greater as the embers of Inferno started to gather. Madelyne’s story gives us a peek into the X-Men’s journey, while also building upContinue reading “Road to Inferno – Madelyne Pryor”

Reign of X: Interview with Ben Percy

Sharpen those claws bub and get ready to dive in as we talk Wolverine with Marvel comics writer Benjamin Percy! Percy has been on Krakoa since the start, seeding national threats in X-Force and taking Logan further into the field in Wolverine. With X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine on the horizon, we getContinue reading “Reign of X: Interview with Ben Percy”

Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 22nd

X-Corp #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #18, and X-Men #3 It’s a time for endings big and small. X-Corp is dealing with closing costs in its last issue as everyone tries to get a piece of the company. The Last Annihilation event comes to its finale and surprisingly, so does Guardians of the Galaxy! SomeContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 22nd”