Road to Inferno – Madelyne Pryor

There’s been something building in the background. It started with the Hellfire Club’s manipulations of our dear friend Jean Grey. It twisted further when her retcon revealed itself. It was built even greater as the embers of Inferno started to gather. Madelyne’s story gives us a peek into the X-Men’s journey, while also building upContinue reading “Road to Inferno – Madelyne Pryor”

Reign of X: Interview with Ben Percy

Sharpen those claws bub and get ready to dive in as we talk Wolverine with Marvel comics writer Benjamin Percy! Percy has been on Krakoa since the start, seeding national threats in X-Force and taking Logan further into the field in Wolverine. With X Lives and X Deaths of Wolverine on the horizon, we getContinue reading “Reign of X: Interview with Ben Percy”

Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 22nd

X-Corp #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #18, and X-Men #3 It’s a time for endings big and small. X-Corp is dealing with closing costs in its last issue as everyone tries to get a piece of the company. The Last Annihilation event comes to its finale and surprisingly, so does Guardians of the Galaxy! SomeContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 22nd”

Reign of X: The Onslaught Revelation

Krakoa is under attack from within! Can Nightcrawler and his team free everyone from the clutches of the most 90’s X villain ever? The long-term plans of Onslaught are set into motion as the Cruciball nears, threatening the lives of countless mutants. Looks like it would be a really great party, except for all theContinue reading “Reign of X: The Onslaught Revelation”

Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 15th

The Last Annihilation: Wakanda #1, Marauders #24, and X-Men: Trial of Magneto #2 Around the outer reaches of space and back in time for a murder mystery tour! First, we head all the way to Shi’ar territory with a Wakandan rescue team as we round out our penultimate stop in The Last Annihilation. Back inContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 15th”

Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 8th

X-Men: Unlimited, Excalibur #23, and X-Force #23 Vertical comics!? What in the Marvel Unlimited is this?? Thursday’s newest X-Men announcement is part of a larger new storytelling format for Marvel’s digital comics. It’s like you did what Hickman wanted after all… but back from the SWORD station and out to faraway magical worlds with LordContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 8th”

Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 1st

The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling #1, New Mutants #21, and Hellions #15 Two Krakoas with a tie-in on the side. The former Young Avengers turned Krull/Skrull Royalty mix their pasts with the galaxy’s present as we kind of move forward with The Last Annihilation Generations of New Mutants coming together against classic threats! AContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 1st”

The Claremont Run – The Demon Bear

New Mutants (1983) #18, #19 and #20 Something’s brewing in the back of Dani’s mind, clawing its way into the physical realm. Watch out y’all, it’s the Demon Bear Saga! We’re joined by a couple of awesome co-hosts, Mav and Steph to take on this monstrous story. Download The X-Wife Podcast on:Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,Continue reading “The Claremont Run – The Demon Bear”

Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 25th

Wolverine #15 and Cable: Reloaded #1 It’s all about adamantium and pouches this week folks! Our Madripoor mystery gets some more info and so does Solem. So much backstory on our adamantium-skinned Arakki mutant, who Alicia totally knew about, because she’s finished X of Swords. The Last Annihilation throws a big old bullet in theContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 25th”