The Claremont Run – The Demon Bear

New Mutants (1983) #18, #19 and #20 Something’s brewing in the back of Dani’s mind, clawing its way into the physical realm. Watch out y’all, it’s the Demon Bear Saga! We’re joined by a couple of awesome co-hosts, Mav and Steph to take on this monstrous story. Download The X-Wife Podcast on:Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,Continue reading “The Claremont Run – The Demon Bear”

Reign of X: New Comics for August 25th

Wolverine #15 and Cable: Reloaded #1 It’s all about adamantium and pouches this week folks! Our Madripoor mystery gets some more info and so does Solem. So much backstory on our adamantium-skinned Arakki mutant, who Alicia totally knew about, because she’s finished X of Swords. The Last Annihilation throws a big old bullet in theContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for August 25th”

Reign of X: New Comics for August 18th

X-Corp #4, Guardians of the Galaxy #17, Marauders #23, and Way of X#5 Alicia’s on a 50/50 split with the other four X relative issues this week, but it’s all good because we’re both EXTRA hyped for Marauders and Way of X. Corporate espionage and magical pentagrams brewing near and far. A few new recruitsContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for August 18th”

Reign of X: The Trial of Magneto #1

Intrigue… Murder!! Deception!?! The gang’s all here as The Quiet Council’s foundation starts breaking beneath them. The Scarlet Witch was found dead in the all too often spoiled ending of X-Factor 10. We finally get the starts into those juicy details. Who do you think killed her?? We’re talking X-Men: The Trial of Magneto today,Continue reading “Reign of X: The Trial of Magneto #1”

The Claremont Run – Magik

Uncanny X-Men #160 and Magik (Illyana and Storm) #1-4 Life can be confusing when your age doubles in mere seconds, am I right? Illyana’s big brother still sees her as this six-year-old snowflake yet she’s been slaying demons and grilling tiger steaks for as long as she can remember. Today we’re talking about the realContinue reading “The Claremont Run – Magik”

Reign of X: New Comics for August 11th

Children of the Atom #6 and X-Force #22 What in the Jonathan Hickman is going on here!? Some newsie with another twosie.  Children of the Atom takes us back in time to Gala glory as we close out this team’s story… for now. X-Force is doing what they do best, pruning their opponents… for now?Continue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for August 11th”

Reign of X: New Comics for August 4th

Hellions #14 and X-Men #2 Only two issues this week, but they pack a punch! The Hellions match-up we’ve been leading to for months, praise Tarn it’s here. What’s better than a sassy Sinister? Two sassy Sinisters! Over in X-Men, we’ve got our second issue of this new team as they start to gel andContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for August 4th”

Reign of X: New Comics for July 28th

Wolverine #14, Cable #12, and SWORD #7 We’re traveling all around the Marvel Universe this week! From Madripoor, to demon dimensions, and all the way out to the Kree Throneworld. Wolverine delivers in a really great issue that jumps to the top of Alicia’s pile and Justin calls one of the best of the run.Continue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for July 28th”

Reign of X: New Comics for July 21

New Mutants #20, Marauders #22, and Guardians of the Galaxy #16 The fallout continues after the Hellfire Gala. Our New Mutants are trying to figure out what to do with Gabby – get ready for the Weekend at Xavier’s! Alicia is rocking out to her Emma Frost song as she creeps up to the topContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for July 21”

Reign of X: New Comics for July 14

X-Corp #3, Excalibur #22, and Way of X #4 Mental Parasites, Wizards, and Corporate Espionage, Oh My! We’re in it now folks! Somehow, I’ve tricked Alicia to keep reading the new Krakoan era X-Men issues as they come out. We talk all about X-Corp #3, Excalibur #22, and Way of X #4. This issue ofContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for July 14”