The Hellfire Gala – Part 2

The party’s just getting started! And Rictor wants nothing to do with it. Neither do AAAK. And maybe even the Avengers… but don’t worry the new X-Men team will save the day! Eyes to the skies for what’s still to come.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Excalibur #21 (2019)

There’s something rumbling underneath the Hellfire Gala and it seems to be upsetting relationships all around. Some have a strong foundation, some will start cracking and others will be just fine.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Men #21 (2019)

It’s time for the big announcement! Krakoa’s first X-Men team is ready to fight for the entire world! But the night’s not over, as we turn our attention to the stars.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Children of the Atom #4 (2021)

The team wants to join in on the mutant festivities at the Hellfire Gala. Maybe this is the perfect time to push their luck with the gates…. maybe not…

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