The Hellfire Gala – Part 5

Well, folks, we’re at our night’s end. And what’s a party without a murder mystery – or two… As the event comes to a close, so does X-Factor. We also comb through our favorite moments of the Hellfire Gala and dive into a Tale of Two Cables.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Wolverine #10 (2020)

Last call at the Hellfire Gala! And it is a roller coaster 😬 Eye Boy is the new MVP of X-Factor. Prodigy’s story felt a little rushed and sandwiched between much lighter pages, but the series was also ended abruptly. Hard to navigate those plans and still deliver on the story you set out to. A great run, that will be missed.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Cable #11 (2020)

Cable’s penultimate issue gave us a lot of questions to discuss in our recent episode about the future(s) of everyone’s favorite time traveling Summers son. Like what does the Old Man know about Krakoa? Where do I read this story with him and Magik? And how are there two Cables!? This has nothing to do with the Hellfire Gala and Alicia is upset!

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