Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 25th

Wolverine #15 and Cable: Reloaded #1

It’s all about adamantium and pouches this week folks! Our Madripoor mystery gets some more info and so does Solem. So much backstory on our adamantium-skinned Arakki mutant, who Alicia totally knew about, because she’s finished X of Swords. The Last Annihilation throws a big old bullet in the chamber with Cable: Reloaded. He’s gathered the team and ready to get things done!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Wolverine #15 (2020)

Building out those Arakki in the best ways!! Solem and Sevyr each got some solid character building throughout the most recent issue of Wolverine.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Cable: Reloaded #1 (2021)

Cable, locked and reloaded 🔥 Epic space adventures back with the old man! So much to love about this team. Cannonball and Boom Boom with the classic X-Force and post X-Men election energy. Wiz Kid in the field showing off what he can do. Loving Khora and her powers, so this was an awesome issue, building her our. Lila with the surprise add, doing what she does best! Cable’s got a crew put together 🙌

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