Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 22nd

X-Corp #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #18, and X-Men #3

It’s a time for endings big and small. X-Corp is dealing with closing costs in its last issue as everyone tries to get a piece of the company. The Last Annihilation event comes to its finale and surprisingly, so does Guardians of the Galaxy! Some major space alliance shuffling is in the works… And our X-Men keep one threat at bay in the High Evolutionary with even more brewing in the background.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Corp #5 (2021)

X-Corp finally finds its footing as the title comes to an end. Our result? A fully formed board that can stand up for itself against the outside forces.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Guardians of the Galaxy #18 (2020)

The last issue of The Last Annihilation with an unexpected end to the whole title! Guardians of the Galaxy certainly goes out with a bang as they go up against Dormammu.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Men: #3 (2021)

Our X-Men team is dealing with an invader of a different kind as High Evolutionary makes an epic entrance with his Evolutionary Guard. It’s the height of the serialized storytelling, but the best pages come from the B plots.

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