Dawn of X – Opening Arcs Vol. 1-6

For our fiftieth episode, we’ve made it giant-size folks! We laid the foundation with Volume 1 of Dawn of X and now Alicia has read the other 5 volumes of the opening arcs. That’s 36 comics! Justin has succeeded!! And she enjoyed it all… to varying degrees. Download The X-Wife Podcast on:Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,Continue reading “Dawn of X – Opening Arcs Vol. 1-6”

Seminal Moments: New X-Men (2001)

Sweet mummudrai we’ve got ourselves a doozy of a story! Grant Morrison’s epic New X-Men run kicks off with our final Seminal Moment. It seems Alicia’s developed a Secondary Mutation and it involves an inability to be left on a cliffhanger… so scroll down a little further for Part 2! Download The X-Wife Podcast on:AppleContinue reading “Seminal Moments: New X-Men (2001)”

Seminal Moments: Age of Apocalypse (1995)

A new age is upon us! And Legion has some serious explaining to do. We kick off the 1995 smash hit Age of Apocalypse with X-Men: Alpha #1. Charles is dead? Magneto is leading the X-Men? Apocalypse is in charge!? Everything’s different!! Alicia loves it. Justin keeps most episode topics and openings a surprise untilContinue reading “Seminal Moments: Age of Apocalypse (1995)”

X-Books: First Team by Robbie MacNiven

It’s our second foray into X-Men novelizations with the action-packed adventure, First Team! Things are looking grim as Purifier rallies intensify across the nation. Anole, Greymalkin, and Cipher are just students at the New Charles Xavier School, feeling the weight of these dangerously historic times.  Author Robbie MacNiven has a background in building out worldsContinue reading “X-Books: First Team by Robbie MacNiven”

Fallen Angels #1 (2019) – Wayward Warriors

Newfound freedom following a decades-long caged existence – what do we really know about this Psylocke before us? Her visions are pulling her away from the security of Krakoa towards the mysterious Apoth. Cable and X-23 join in for the ride, because, well, safety sucks! Download The X-Wife Podcast on:Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean,Continue reading “Fallen Angels #1 (2019) – Wayward Warriors”

Retcon Wranglers – Psylocke

Talk about an out-of-body experience! When most people hear Psylocke, they think of a deadly ninja assassin in tights. But, Betsy Braddock began her life as an Englishwoman, the twin sister of Brian Braddock – Captain Britain. Throw in a magical relic, a meddling feud between Japanese crime lords, and a mysterious woman named KwannonContinue reading “Retcon Wranglers – Psylocke”

Retcon Wranglers – Cable

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers is here to muck up your timeline and blow your mind wide open! Gigantic guns and a grizzled attitude are all key components to this boy of Summers. He’s a baby, an old man, and then a teenager… time travel! In his first appearance, baby Nathan is surrounded by friends andContinue reading “Retcon Wranglers – Cable”

Reign of X: Krakoa’s X-Men

The votes have been tallied and the team has been announced! The nation of Krakoa has its first-ever roster of X-Men, charged with acting on behalf of the mutant people. We talk through the results of the fan vote as well as the new team roster, answering questions and sharing our feels. Download The X-WifeContinue reading “Reign of X: Krakoa’s X-Men”

X-Men: The Animated Series – Interview with Eric and Julia Lewald

Saturday mornings were all about the X-Men in the early ’90s. Now, with Disney+, there’s a whole new generation of fans humming the iconic intro. We dove in with the Lewalds, talking everything X-Men: TAS and their recent, visually dynamic book, “X-Men: The Art and Making of the Animated Series.” Eric developed the series forContinue reading “X-Men: The Animated Series – Interview with Eric and Julia Lewald”