Powers of X #6 – The End of the Beginning

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The last issue of Powers of X!? Our complex trip throughout time is coming to a close. We revisit a handful of pages we’ve seen before, but with new context and information. Do we get the Year 1000 closure we’ve been waiting 999 years for? Alicia wanted to have all her ducks lined up before the event closed out and this issue just threw a whole bunch of new ducks into the mix!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Powers of X #6 (2019)

We’re bringing it back to Year One and peeling back a few layers to reveal some more!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Powers of X #6 (2019)

The end of Season 1!

Check out our Season Finale – Ugly X-Mas or head to our Season 2 Playlist for a trip through X history, past and present.

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