Reign of X: The X-Men Election?

Make an informed #XMenVote! Before we could vote for the last addition to the new X-Men team, Justin had to explain to Alicia what @Marvel was doing and who her options were – with some slight campaigning…

Marvel has announced a fan vote to decide the final member of the newest X-Men team!

We’re jumping to the present – or the future where Alicia’s concerned – to where current books are and where Justin is reading. An X-Men team is being formed, the roster will be announced at the upcoming Hellfire Gala, but one member is still undecided…

Let the campaigns begin! The mutants of Krakoa will cast their ballots for their X-Men.

BUT! “The humans should get a vote, hmm?” said White Queen. “Flatscans be damned!!” – “Quiet Cortez!” It’s up to the people to decide on the last member of the X-Men team. Why are we voting? Who are our options?

Alicia has a ton of questions and Justin has a campaign presentation prepared.

Listen in as Justin introduces each character in the #XMenVote and Alicia weighs her options. After initial gut reactions, we started as a house divided, but Justin may have been able to campaign his way to a solid vote from The X-Wife Podcast team!

Light spoilers for some things that happen in the Dawn of X after HoX/PoX. Justin wanted to give Alicia enough context to make an informed decision, but nothing major is said.

Vote! From now until February 2 at 11:59 pm EST

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2 thoughts on “Reign of X: The X-Men Election?

    1. She’s in the lead! She’s a great character and she’s a main player on the current run of X-Factor. We don’t want her to leave!! But we also believe she could multi-task and crush it on both teams!


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