The Claremont Run

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How could we possibly talk about 16 years of Chris Claremont X-Men issues, analysis, and meaning in just one episode? Consult a professional opinion! This is some deep nerding out y’all and we loved having Andrew from the @ClaremontRun on to talk comics!

An academically funded comics research project that intends to create further dialogue between comic scholars and fans about Chris Claremont’s 16-year run on Uncanny X-Men and the spin-offs that followed.

In this episode, we are joined by Comic’s Scholar and Professor of English Language and Literature, Dr. J. Andrew Deman. Andrew is Project Lead for The Claremont Run, an SHRC-funded academic initiative that’s micro-publishing data-based analysis of Chris Claremont’s 16 year run on Uncanny X-Men #97-278. We talk about characters, themes, conclusions, and evolutions throughout the run and discuss insight that The Claremont Run has published through their daily Twitter threads.

A snippet from our interview with corresponding art panels to illustrate various artists and their influence on Claremont’s writing.

Dive in on the research that informs their threads on The Claremont Run website and check out Andrew’s podcast with two other Professors – Three Panel Contrast – where they compare and contrast two titles from different eras/creators.

A snippet from our interview with corresponding art panels to underscore Kitty’s role as the reader’s point of view.

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