The Hellfire Gala – Part 3

An episode that is out of this world! We’re getting Planet Sized y’all. Some big things are on the horizon for mutantkind as we catch up with our Omegas. Back at the gala we check-in on the New Mutants and our X-Corp CXOs.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Planet-Size X-Men #1 (2021)

Holy home improvement projects, Magneto has a plan and he’s calling in everybody! This issue was HUGE with the visual brilliance of an event issue. It’s a giant leap forward in the next stage of mutantkind’s rise.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, New Mutants #19 (2019)

Welcome to the party mutants! The younger generation is ready to cut the rug at the party of the century, but first we have a number of character arcs to weave together, bounce of each other and oh what a cliffhanger.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Corp #2 (2021)

It’s business as usual for CXOs Warren and Monet with the Gala continuing on in the background. X-Corp is taking meetings, trying to fill their remaining board seats from a position of power, but everything isn’t as it seems…

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