The Hellfire Gala – Part 4

After the party is the after-party! And the Hellfire Gala is no different. Heck, we even have an after-after-party!! Plus a reflective conversation with our helmet and some familial reconciliation. Will the Regent of Sol please stand up #Queen

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Wolverine #13 (2020)

Ready for X-For… err, no, Wolverine! We’re kicking it off with an action packed part two follow up to X-Force with some X-For – damnit I keep doing that. Wolverine. It’s a Wolverine comic, right?

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, S.W.O.R.D. #6 (2020)

Holy SWORDs, that was a red issue! So many steps forward in a variety of directions 🤯 Storm takes her rightful place as the Regent of Sol ☀️ Abigail Brand takes a page from House of X and leverages the next step in making an offer they can’t refuse. WANDA!? And Orchis is accepting new recruits amongst the superhero community.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Way of X #3 (2021)

The next morning, amirite? Rude wake up calls for Nightcrawler throughout Way of X issue 3! Loving the different points of view to challenge his take on the first Krakoan law. That orphanage! Bring on the Onslaught 😬

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