Reign of X: New Comics for July 14

X-Corp #3, Excalibur #22, and Way of X #4

Mental Parasites, Wizards, and Corporate Espionage, Oh My! We’re in it now folks! Somehow, I’ve tricked Alicia to keep reading the new Krakoan era X-Men issues as they come out. We talk all about X-Corp #3, Excalibur #22, and Way of X #4.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Corp #3 (2021)

This issue of X-Corp was again, better than the ones before it, but we both still struggle with the business world comic concept. Living for Madrox’s story and now I’m curious about what happened to Monet!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Excalibur #22 (2019)

It’s all about magic, rivalries and Gambit has stuff to do! Loving Merlyn’s role and that last page reveal 😬 Not to mention the reformation of STRIKE, Krakoan edition. Excalibur has been on the upswing recently – let’s keep it going!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Way of X #4 (2021)

There’s something evil brewing in the shadows on the island of Krakoa in Way of X! 😬 And it’s not just Fabian’s ponytail. We’re building to something big…

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