Reign of X: New Comics for July 21

New Mutants #20, Marauders #22, and Guardians of the Galaxy #16

The fallout continues after the Hellfire Gala. Our New Mutants are trying to figure out what to do with Gabby – get ready for the Weekend at Xavier’s! Alicia is rocking out to her Emma Frost song as she creeps up to the top of her favorite character list and Justin is stuck in a terrible Scottish accent. AND WE GO COSMIC! A threat is approaching in GOTG, but who even are these Guardians?? We talk about New Mutants #20, Marauders #22, and Guardians of the Galaxy #16.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, New Mutants #20 (2019)

There’s something evil rumbling in the background of New Mutants 😬 what are your thoughts on what’s going on with Gabby? And Rahne? Do your trust the Shadow King??

Credit: Marvel Comics, Marauders #22 (2019)

Bad ass women looking out for each other in this week’s Marauders 🙌 that Mars aftermath hitting the news as Emma and the girls clean up some messes. Definitely a quieter issue, but solid continuity reveals!

Credit: Marvel Comics, Marauders #22 (2020)

We’re entering the cosmic chat folks 😬 Guardians of the Galaxy 16 kicks off Al Ewing’s Last Annihilation crossover arc that collides into Sword and Cable books.

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