Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 11th

Children of the Atom #6 and X-Force #22

What in the Jonathan Hickman is going on here!? Some newsie with another twosie.  Children of the Atom takes us back in time to Gala glory as we close out this team’s story… for now. X-Force is doing what they do best, pruning their opponents… for now? Plants EVERYWHERE!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Children of the Atom #6 (2021)

Closing out the COTA ❌ With a Hellfire Gala flashback! This issue was all about Carmen as she figures out what’s next in her journey. Do you hope to see her in future stories? Especially if Mystique would be her mentor 😬 Terrifying and interesting. Hordeculture we never knew we missed you so much 😍

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Force #22 (2019)

X-Force the Lethal Gardeners 🌳 plant infestations running rampant on Krakoa! Beast is taking notes for future use… and the Peacock Man is everywhere, always 🤓

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