Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 4th

Hellions #14 and X-Men #2

Only two issues this week, but they pack a punch! The Hellions match-up we’ve been leading to for months, praise Tarn it’s here. What’s better than a sassy Sinister? Two sassy Sinisters! Over in X-Men, we’ve got our second issue of this new team as they start to gel and play off of each other in the field. Stand out moments from a handful of our team and ooo that tease at the end. Praise. Tarn.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Hellions #14 (2020)

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse! 🤣 Praise Tarn, could we be more excited about a murder raging Nanny? This Hellions issue had everything!! Action, comedy, long game plots and big picture teases. The people spoke in our poll and went with X-Men as the pick of the week, but man this issue brought it.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Men #2 (2021)

Epic space monster battles with dashes of character development 😍 X-Men delivers! Such cool uses of powers and collaboration. More Mutant Technology please 🤓 but the tease of what’s to come in those last few pages!!

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