Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 1st

The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling #1, New Mutants #21, and Hellions #15

Two Krakoas with a tie-in on the side. The former Young Avengers turned Krull/Skrull Royalty mix their pasts with the galaxy’s present as we kind of move forward with The Last Annihilation Generations of New Mutants coming together against classic threats! A double-feature as Warpath’s students get more than they bargained for and our classic ladies close in on what’s really going on with these kids. The Five has a few things to say about resurrections that may shake up protocol. And Praise Tarn! We’re getting all jumbled up in Sinister’s lab. Amino Fetus stares through our souls and gives us nightmares. Watch out for the team’s special guest!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, The Last Annihilation: Wiccan and Hulkling #1 (2021) 

Some great backstory and character moments for our two Young Avengers in this continuation of The Last Annihilation. So much so, it inspired Justin to binge read Young Avengers for the first time!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, New Mutants #21 (2019)

All those New Mutants story threads, coming to a head!! Vita Ayala has been weaving so much great character work and Rod Reis gives us something new to love on every page. We can’t wait for the next issue  🤩

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Hellions #15 (2020)

Praise Tarn for the destruction and creation that is Hellions #15! Two times the Sinister means twice as much sass. So many revelations have been brought to light in this issue… not all of the positive 😬

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