Reign of X: New Comics for Sept. 8th

X-Men: Unlimited, Excalibur #23, and X-Force #23

Vertical comics!? What in the Marvel Unlimited is this?? Thursday’s newest X-Men announcement is part of a larger new storytelling format for Marvel’s digital comics. It’s like you did what Hickman wanted after all… but back from the SWORD station and out to faraway magical worlds with Lord Doom himself as Excalibur reluctantly helps the doc out. We’re coming up on something big in X-Force as everything collides together and points to even more mysteries out there.

Image Credit: Marvel Unlimited

The tallest comics in the world, these vertical issues are bite-sized and tell new stories in the age of Krakoa, exclusively on Marvel Unlimited. Who knows what impact they’ll have on the larger X universe!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Excalibur #23 (2019)

The team gets roped into Doom’s demands for an official guide through Otherworld. What is Victor really after? And how will this negatively impact Excalibur? Nothing is what it seems in The Crooked Market!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, X-Force #23 (2019)

It seems everyone’s working together against Krakoa! And while it’s not good news for anyone, it’s really bad news for Beast. The blue man himself gets a taste of his own medicine for keeping something on ice a bit too long.

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