Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 4th

Hellions #14 and X-Men #2 Only two issues this week, but they pack a punch! The Hellions match-up we’ve been leading to for months, praise Tarn it’s here. What’s better than a sassy Sinister? Two sassy Sinisters! Over in X-Men, we’ve got our second issue of this new team as they start to gel andContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for Aug. 4th”

Reign of X: New Comics for July 28th

Wolverine #14, Cable #12, and SWORD #7 We’re traveling all around the Marvel Universe this week! From Madripoor, to demon dimensions, and all the way out to the Kree Throneworld. Wolverine delivers in a really great issue that jumps to the top of Alicia’s pile and Justin calls one of the best of the run.Continue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for July 28th”

Reign of X: New Comics for July 21

New Mutants #20, Marauders #22, and Guardians of the Galaxy #16 The fallout continues after the Hellfire Gala. Our New Mutants are trying to figure out what to do with Gabby – get ready for the Weekend at Xavier’s! Alicia is rocking out to her Emma Frost song as she creeps up to the topContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for July 21”

Reign of X: New Comics for July 14

X-Corp #3, Excalibur #22, and Way of X #4 Mental Parasites, Wizards, and Corporate Espionage, Oh My! We’re in it now folks! Somehow, I’ve tricked Alicia to keep reading the new Krakoan era X-Men issues as they come out. We talk all about X-Corp #3, Excalibur #22, and Way of X #4. This issue ofContinue reading “Reign of X: New Comics for July 14”

The Dark Phoenix Saga – Part 2

The Hellfire Club was victorious at the end of our first half. The Black Queen, long may she reign, has turned on her friends. How can the X-Men save her!? And what’s in store once the Phoenix Force is truly unleashed… It’s the epic conclusion of The Dark Phoenix Saga!! Download The X-Wife Podcast on:AppleContinue reading “The Dark Phoenix Saga – Part 2”

X-Men #1 (2021) – The Heroes of Krakoa

Get ready for the newest team to rock the streets of New York City! The X-Men make their return to the Central Park area with an incredible treehouse base. And there’s plenty of bad guys brewing to go around… It’s Alicia’s first time experiencing a new X-Men team in real-time from the start – andContinue reading “X-Men #1 (2021) – The Heroes of Krakoa”

The Dark Phoenix Saga – Part 1

Our heroes are just trying to catch a break between big bads, maybe recruit a new member or two, but no! Jason freaking Wyngarde has other plans!! Enter The Hellfire Club. And they have their eyes fixed on Ms. Jean Grey. The X-Men may never be the same… Download The X-Wife Podcast on:Apple Podcasts, GoogleContinue reading “The Dark Phoenix Saga – Part 1”

The Hellfire Gala – Part 4

After the party is the after-party! And the Hellfire Gala is no different. Heck, we even have an after-after-party!! Plus a reflective conversation with our helmet and some familial reconciliation. Will the Regent of Sol please stand up #Queen Ready for X-For… err, no, Wolverine! We’re kicking it off with an action packed part twoContinue reading “The Hellfire Gala – Part 4”

The Hellfire Gala – Part 3

An episode that is out of this world! We’re getting Planet Sized y’all. Some big things are on the horizon for mutantkind as we catch up with our Omegas. Back at the gala we check-in on the New Mutants and our X-Corp CXOs. Holy home improvement projects, Magneto has a plan and he’s calling inContinue reading “The Hellfire Gala – Part 3”