House of X #3 – Mutants in Spaaaace!

Cyclops has assembled a team, ready for the mission that lies ahead of them. The X-Men prepare to take Orchis head-on in House of X #3! Marvel Girl, Wolverine, Archangel, Nightcrawler, Monet, Husk, and Mystique, can Cyclops’ crew stop Orchis from turning the Mother Mold online? Holy Mother of mutant nightmare fuel! It’s a RussianContinue reading “House of X #3 – Mutants in Spaaaace!”

Powers of X #3 – This Is What You Do Team

The team is ready for their mission in Powers of X 3! Armed with the indexing machine retrieved and decoded in issues 1 and 2, the mutants of Asteroid K take their next step. This entire issue takes place in Year 100! *brain audibly sighs in relief* Mutants of Asteroid K take action and stormContinue reading “Powers of X #3 – This Is What You Do Team”

Powers of X #2 – One Step Forward in Four Directions

We’re picking back up on our four narratives throughout space and time, answering some questions and finding a whole new batch of new ones. Your mind might need some extra Cerebro strength for this one friends! We start off right in it with a meeting between Xavier, Magneto and Moira in Year 1, a meetingContinue reading “Powers of X #2 – One Step Forward in Four Directions”

House of X #2 – There’s Something About Moira

Oh, the life and times of Moira MacTaggert. What? You don’t know who Moira is? I mean, she’s been in movies. The smart human lady. A mutant geneticist who’s occasionally in the background of the comics, most recently having interrupted Charles’ birds knowing an unsettling amount of information. Introduced in Chris Claremont’s and Dave Cockrum’sContinue reading “House of X #2 – There’s Something About Moira”

Powers of X #1 – What Year Is It!?

Get your math out of my comics, we’re taking this story to the next power! Told with four narrative threads all happening in different years, Powers of X #1 takes ALL the new stuff that was introduced in House of X #1 and expands on it in a new way – at a new time?Continue reading “Powers of X #1 – What Year Is It!?”

House of X #1 – The World Changed

In the explosive first issue of House of X, everything is different! Xavier is walking. Magneto has an X-Men symbol on his belt. Flowers everywhere! What’s with the helmet? The X-Men’s world is radically different and we only get a peeled back layer or two. Join Alicia and Justin as they make sense of itContinue reading “House of X #1 – The World Changed”

Season 1: Episode Playlist

House of X / Powers of X Season 1 of The X-Wife Podcast follows the 12 issue X-Men relaunch story written by Johnathan Hickman. Each episode goes through one issue of the overarching story, published in release order. Follow along in single issues, trades or electronic comics! Each episode page will have a link toContinue reading “Season 1: Episode Playlist”

Introducing The X-Wife Podcast!

Just a couple of nerds in love making a podcast about X-Men. It’s our intro episode! We talk about ourselves, the podcast and of course X-Men. Join us as we introduce one man’s elaborate scheme to get his wife into X-Men comics! Justin’s been a fan of Marvel’s merry mutants since childhood with X-Men: TheContinue reading “Introducing The X-Wife Podcast!”