The Claremont Run – Excalibur

Gather ye Knights of the Roundtable, it’s a story of the Excalibur times… sort of. It’s the X-Men go UK! We’re doing a six-year jump from our last episode and catching up with fan favorites Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Summers/Phoenix as they meet up with Captain Britain and Meggan to save the day in thisContinue reading “The Claremont Run – Excalibur”

Powers of X #4 – That. Cape.

There’s truly something Sinister throughout this week’s episode. That cape steals the show along with Xavier’s heavy John Hammond vibes. We’ve got no more year 100 story, and we can really start to seer-selves understanding year 1000 – a wordy and somewhat difficult to understand reference. Topical! Mr. Sinister brings equal parts sass and scienceContinue reading “Powers of X #4 – That. Cape.”