Powers of X #4 – That. Cape.

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There’s truly something Sinister throughout this week’s episode. That cape steals the show along with Xavier’s heavy John Hammond vibes. We’ve got no more year 100 story, and we can really start to seer-selves understanding year 1000 – a wordy and somewhat difficult to understand reference. Topical!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Powers of X #4 (2019)

Mr. Sinister brings equal parts sass and science in Powers of X 4. What are Xavier and Magneto thinking with this manipulative geneticist mastermind? Can you really trust a guy named Mr. Sinister??

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Powers of X #4 (2019)

Sentient mutant islands grow up so fast, don’t they?

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)

The first appearance of Krakoa from 1975’s Giant-Size X-Men 1! This island walked like a man all over the newest team of X-Men. He’s come a long way since his early roots as Doug meets him for the first time in Powers of X 4.

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Powers of X #4 (2019)

When Doug first meets Krakoa in PoX 4 we get the start of his sad origin story. Divided in half by an evil enemy sword. Saved by the first mutant, a warrior-god in blue.

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