Reign of X: New Comics for July 28th

Wolverine #14, Cable #12, and SWORD #7

We’re traveling all around the Marvel Universe this week! From Madripoor, to demon dimensions, and all the way out to the Kree Throneworld. Wolverine delivers in a really great issue that jumps to the top of Alicia’s pile and Justin calls one of the best of the run. We say goodbye to Cable, the series, but not before we throw in a few confusing time-traveling and clone-related conundrums. And things get annihilated in Sword – Throneworld and that dinner table 😬 Good thing Brand and her team conveniently show up at the right time to save the day…

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Wolverine #14 (2020)

Best issue of this Wolverine run yet? Such a stand out. The strong Western narrative and characterization of Madripoor by Ben Percy felt self contained and familiar. The cinematic visual storytelling by Adam Kubert that we spent most of our episode gushing over 😍 so much to love here!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, Cable #12 (2020)

Barreling into that final issue 😢 I enjoyed Cable more than I was expecting to. Gerry Duggan made me care about the kid over these twelve issues, because I’ll tell ya, I didn’t at the start. Oh Deadpool is a gem. And I want to know where Phil Noto is going next!!!

Image Credit: Marvel Comics, SWORD #7 (2020)

Regents, Emperors and Despots, SWORD is becoming a character study on types of leaders under attack 😬Check out our new episode where we talk new comics, including part two of The Last Annihilation ⚡️ what do you think about Brand’s plans?

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